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Pre-Conference Seminars

Arrive Early and Maximize Your Conference Experience

Pre-conference seminars provide an opportunity for you to dive deep into specific topics, gain specialized knowledge, and engage in hands-on learning experiences before the main conference begins. 

  • Enhance your skills
  • Expand your perspectives
  • Set the stage for a more enriching and tailored conference experience. 

All pre-conference seminars will take place in the morning of Monday, 6 November.

Pre-Conference Seminar Options

Are you interested in guiding a team or company toward novel solutions that address challenges and meet the needs of customers within the healthcare ecosystem? Are you contemplating starting your own company? Are you a leader who wants to stay on the cutting edge of business? 

Whether you are an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, seize the opportunity to visit MATTER Chicago, a global healthcare incubator and corporate innovation accelerator in the heart of downtown. Learn about 51 Labs, a women’s health platform formed to address the gap in women’s health innovation and its recent accelerator success stories. Then dive deeper into the capabilities and behaviors that foster a culture of innovation, gaining insights from company executives and engaging in breakout discussions with colleagues for ideation and reflection. Leave with practical leadership strategies you can employ to help increase your capacity for innovation, ultimately bringing value to your company.

  • Monday, 6 November, 8:30 AM - 12 PM at MATTER Chicago (Shuttle will be provided.) View the agenda.
  • Panelists and speakers TBA
  • Who should attend: Leaders keen on innovation and seeking to add value to their companies, current and aspiring entrepreneurs, and individuals who are intrigued by ventures related to women’s health 

Pre-registration is required and additional fees apply. Space is limited. 

  • Register before 31 August: $350 / €312
  • Register between 1 September - 12 October: $440 / €392
  • Register after 12 October: $550 / €490

In order to register for this pre-conference seminar, you must register for the full 2023 HBA Annual Conference.

Discover the untapped potential that lies in harnessing the collaboration between male allies and women to champion the cause of gender equity and foster balanced leadership, which play an integral role in driving health equity and propelling organizational success. Through participation in this seminar, attendees will gain insights into the experiences of women in the workplace, recognize the significance of inclusive leadership, and learn how to create productive and respectful working relationships. Through engaging activities and real-world examples, you will leave this session equipped with valuable, research-based tools that pave the way for a truly collaborative workplace.

  • Monday, 6 November, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET (Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, Mayfair Room)
  • Facilitators: 
    • W. Brad Johnson, PhD, Professor, U.S. Naval Academy, and Faculty Associate, Johns Hopkins University
    • David Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business
  • Who should attend: Male leaders at all levels interested in being allies for gender equity

Pre-registration is required and additional fees apply. Space is limited. 

  • Cost: $440 / €392

You do NOT need to attend the full 2023 HBA Annual Conference in order to register for this pre-conference seminar. 
This event is a stand-alone session.

Click here to REGISTER.


5 Reasons Why Male Allies Should Attend

  • Males can actively contribute to championing the cause of gender equity by understanding the role they play in collaboration with female allies.
  • Understanding how gender equity ties into health equity is crucial for anyone interested in improving healthcare outcomes.
  • Attending this seminar allows males to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and experiences women face in the workplace, promoting empathy and inclusivity and paving the way for mentoring, sponsorship, and collaboration.
  • Building effective relationships with colleagues, regardless of gender, is a valuable skill for professional growth.
  • Attendees will leave the session with practical, research-based tools that can be applied to their everyday work, benefiting their careers and organizations.

How Women Can Encourage Male Allies to Attend

  • Send a personal invitation or message to male colleagues, expressing your desire for their participation and the value they can bring to the discussion.
  • If you are a manager, identify males on your team who could benefit from this session, invite them, and sponsor their participation.
  • Encourage them to attend as a way to better understand the experiences and challenges faced by their female colleagues, promoting empathy and inclusivity.
  • Share success stories or instances where male allies have made a positive impact in on your career trajectory (e.g., mentoring, sponsorship, collaboration)
  • Mention the practical, research-based tools that attendees will gain, which can be applied to enhance their careers and contribute to organizational success.
  • Explain how a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits the organization as a whole, including improved innovation, employee retention, and reputation.
  • If there are influential voices within the organization supporting the session, mention their endorsement to add credibility and encouragement.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate their willingness to support gender equity, making it clear that their involvement is genuinely valued and important.

Visionary thinkers change world. But when we think about famous visionary leaders, we tend to believe they have something or know something or do something that the rest of us don't have, don’t know, or can’t do. But the truth is — they don’t. They've simply cracked the code on how to consistently leverage the creative genius that’s hidden inside each of us. This program will help you unleash your own visionary leadership by transforming “why we can’t” to “how might we?”   

Harvard Instructor and creative-thinking expert Susan Robertson draws on decades of corporate experience, principles of neuroscience, and tools from design thinking, to empower you to be a more visionary change agent. You’ll learn the secrets of re-wiring how you think, to change your mind, change your work, and change your life.  You’ll understand how to cultivate courage, how to build a climate for visionary thinking, and how to inspire others in innovation and creative problem-solving. You’ll leave with a new leadership vision, renewed enthusiasm for your work, and tangible tools to unleash visionary thinking for yourself and others.

  • Monday, 6 November, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, Sheraton 5 Room)
  • Speaker: Susan Robertson, CEO, Sharpen Innovation
  • Who should attend: Leaders who want a proven process, mindset, and toolset to drive visionary thinking and creative problem-solving, in any department or function, at any level.

Pre-registration is required and additional fees apply. Space is limited. 

  • Register before 31 August: $350 / €312
  • Register between 1 September - 12 October: $440 / €392
  • Register after 12 October: $550 / €490

In order to register for this pre-conference seminar, you must register for the full 2023 HBA Annual Conference.

Contact us if you are already registered for the 2023 HBA Annual Conference and would like to add a pre-conference seminar.