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Breakout Sessions

Check back soon for 2024 Annual Conference details!

Powering the Possibilities at the 2023 HBA Annual Conference


Unlock New Perspectives

At the 2023 HBA Annual Conference, delve into 12 dynamic breakout sessions that encourage you to challenge norms, ask thought-provoking questions, explore complex issues, and dare to become more self-aware. 

Ignite Your Imagination

Draw inspiration from courageous, forward-thinking leaders who exemplify the 'anything is possible' spirit. Explore fresh approaches to unlock new possibilities for your personal growth, your organization, and our industry.

Strategize for Success

Activate your unique strategy for advancement through collaborative, topic-focused working sessions. Tailor your conference experience to your goals and aspirations. All breakout sessions are open to every conference attendee, with no pre-registration required.

Your Path to Powering the Possibilities

Explore our conference tracks to discover recommended sessions tailored to your specific interests and goals. All sessions will be available on-demand via the conference app for 30 days post-conference.

Ignite Your Learning: Explore HBA’s Breakout Sessions

The #HBAAC23 Breakout Sessions will focus on three areas:

Inspired Leadership

These sessions feature a dynamic array of concurrent sessions designed to enhance leadership skills, cultivate essential capabilities, and provide practical applications for driving impactful results. 

Bold Practices

These sessions highlight promising practices and real-world examples of projects and initiatives that advance gender and health equity, empowering attendees with innovative ideas and actionable strategies they can adapt or replicate. 


These sessions will help you cultivate specific skills and behaviors that amplify your leadership profile, positioning you to make a profound impact within the healthcare industry. 

Inspired Leadership Sessions

This session illuminates the imperative of fostering a pervasive culture of health equity within organizations and underscores the criticality of seamlessly integrating efforts across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Participants will gain invaluable insights into strategies that foster internal health equity, encompassing accountability measures, workforce diversity, and inclusive business strategies. Additionally, the session delves into the realm of life sciences companies, exploring methods to align products and services with the diverse needs of populations through expanded data measures, fortified research and development methodologies, and equity-driven enhancements in manufacturing, access, and community benefit.

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 10:15 - 11:15AM (Sheraton 4)
  • Speakers: 
    • Howard Reid, Global Head, Global Public Health and Social Impact, Johnson & Johnson
    • Sarah Shier, US Sustainability and Equity Senior Manager, Deloitte
    • Juny Simpson, Head of Health Equity, Customer Engagement, Genentech
    • (Moderator) Drew Wilkins, US Consulting Managing Director, Deloitte
  • Designed for: Healthcare executives who are in positions to influence health equity strategies within their companies and who want to make sure their approaches are innovative, inclusive, and collaborative across the healthcare ecosystem. It may also be of interest to middle managers who have aspirations for advancing to decision-making roles, as it will outline key considerations that may be helpful in helping to understand the skills and behaviors that contribute to success in these roles. 
  • Conference track: Gamechangers

True leadership extends beyond hierarchical positions. This powerful session will shine a spotlight on executive leaders who have made significant impact at every level of their careers. Through the lens of their unique perspectives and remarkable journeys, these executives will offer strategies for amplifying influence for maximum impact by building credibility, establishing strong networks, and effectively communicating ideas and vision. They will also explore common obstacles attendees may face, such as gender biases, stereotypes, and imposter syndrome, that can hinder their ability to exert influence and offer strategies for overcoming these obstacles and leveraging their strengths to become influential change-makers.   

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 10:15 - 11:15 AM (Sheraton 3)
  • Speakers: 
  • Designed for: Leaders at any level who want to learn skills, strategies, and behaviors that can help you stand out as a competent leader
  • Conference track: Influencers

Through bold and courageous leadership, we have the ability to shape a future where diversity is embraced, inclusion is the standard, and organizations flourish by harnessing the extraordinary potential of every individual. However, building balanced and inclusive leadership teams is merely the first step; ensuring lasting inclusivity demands ongoing effort and skilled leadership. Join us for an enlightening session as accomplished and passionate male allies, recount their advocacy journeys and share strategies they utilize to foster inclusion. Attendees will leave inspired to lead with courage and integrity, taking on the challenges of engaging in difficult conversations, promoting inclusion, and overcoming resistance to change.   

Leading amidst a rapidly changing global economy presents unique challenges such as layoffs, budget cuts, staffing shortages, supplier issues, and competitive business models. This is further compounded by challenges to corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, which has leaders on the defensive for justifying programs and activities. Balancing these demands while staying on the cutting edge of innovation requires exceptional leadership skills. Join this candid panel discussion to gain practical insights from seasoned executives for maintaining motivation, nurturing agile decision-making, identifying emerging trends, and fostering creativity and innovation for solutions to problems. 

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 10:15 - 11:15 AM (Sheraton 5)
  • Speakers:
  • Designed for: Managers and project leaders at all levels who want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation
  • Conference track: Visionaries

Bold Practices Sessions

Discover the potential of technology in advancing health equity in this impactful session. Through insightful discussions and real-world examples from executives in the industry, we will explore how innovative technologies can bridge gaps, improve access, and empower underserved communities. From AI to data analytics, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the transformative role technology plays in addressing health disparities and learn strategies for partnering with organizations across the healthcare ecosystem. Join us as we unlock the power of technology to create a future where everyone has equal opportunities for better health and well-being. 

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Sheraton 5)
  • Speakers: 
    • (Moderator) Rashmi Gupta, Senior Director, Sales - Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Microsoft
    • Rose-Ann Blenman-Abange, PhD, CPM, Senior Director, Head of EDDS Portfolio Strategy and Integration, Johnson & Johnson
    • Jewel Jones, EVP, Global Inclusion and Health Equity, Real Chemistry
    • Charlotte Owens MD, FACOG, SVP, Head of Medical Affairs and Outcomes Research, Organon
    • Linn Parish, Head of Health Equity Alliances and Partnership, Takeda
    • Tracy Picon, Global Learning Officer, Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft
    • Sema Sgaier, CEO an Co-Founder, Surgo Health
  • Designed for: Individuals who want to learn more about what goes into building impactful collaborations with tech companies to support health equity efforts
  • Conference track: Gamechangers

Join us for an engaging panel discussion that will inspire you to think creatively about how you can solve looming workforce challenges of the future. Discover the inspiring work of OneTen, a visionary organization dedicated to empowering one million individuals by providing them with family-sustaining careers within the next decade and The Female Quotient, a woman-owned business working with companies and conscious leaders to curate experiences, thought leadership, and solutions designed to achieve gender equality in the workplace and beyond. Gain valuable insights from current and former executives at Eli Lilly, Gilead, and Merck, who are focusing on building an inclusive workforce of the future and from Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis, who will share information about her company’s global certification initiatives. You will leave this session contemplating which perspectives, skillsets, and life experiences are missing from your staff and project teams and how your company can benefit from creating places at the table.

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Sheraton 4)
  • Speakers: 
  • Designed for: Executives, human resources leaders, DEI leaders, and leaders committed to building inclusive staff and project teams that give each member opportunities to maximize their talents and interests, while bringing value to the team and the company.
  • Conference track: Connectors

Unlock the power of employee resource groups (ERGs) to drive meaningful progress in advancing gender equity within your organization. In this dynamic session, we will explore how ERGs can serve as catalysts for change, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for women. Participants will gain insights into the key strategies for leveraging ERGs effectively, including empowering members to advocate for gender equity, providing resources for professional development, and fostering mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. Through interactive discussions and real-life case studies, attendees will learn best practices for engaging leadership, aligning ERG goals with organizational objectives, and measuring the impact of gender equity initiatives.   

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Sheraton 1 and 2)
  • Speakers: 
  • Designed for: Leaders and members of ERGs interested in learning about promising practices that are moving the needle for gender equity.
  • Conference track: Influencers

Gain valuable insights into achieving gender equity in the workplace with the Gender Equity Playbook session. This interactive and informative session will guide participants through a comprehensive playbook of strategies, best practices, and actionable steps to create a more equitable and inclusive environment. We will explore the key pillars of the playbook, including addressing unconscious bias, promoting equal pay and opportunities, supporting work-life integration, and fostering a culture of mentorship and sponsorship. Through engaging discussions and practical case studies, attendees will learn how to effectively implement these strategies within their own organizations.  

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Sheraton 3)
  • Speakers: 
    • (Moderator) Marsha Anderson, Senior Director, Global Head, Gender Parity Collaborative
    • Nada Obeid, Executive Director, Head, Regional Market Acceess - US, Amgen
  • Designed for: Executives, DEI leaders, decision-makers, and other advocates interested in learning practices and accountability measures for making a measurable impact on gender equity at your companies.
  • Conference track: Visionaries

Impact Sessions

This illuminating session coincides with the screening of "Arise Firebird: Women of Color Finding Joy in Work," a documentary by filmmaker Jimi Okubanjo that sheds light on the experiences of three resilient women who navigated toxic racism and sexism, rebuilt their careers, and found fulfillment on their own terms. Through open dialogue and introspection, participants will explore the role of allyship in dismantling exclusionary behaviors and creating an inclusive environment. By amplifying the voices of Women of Color, challenging biases, and fostering support and empowerment, we can cultivate workplaces where all women can thrive. Join us as we learn from these inspiring stories and embark on a collective journey to become effective allies, promoting equity and celebrating the contributions of Women of Color in the workforce.   

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 2:00 – 3:00 PM (Sheraton 4) 
  • Speakers:
  • Designed for: Leaders at all levels who are genuinely interested in advocating for women of the color in the workplace and want to develop skills to help them become effective allies.
  • Conference track: Connectors

In this engaging session, explore how global corporate assignments can serve as a pathway to advance your career. Executives will share their experiences, delve into the unique opportunities and challenges associated with international assignments, discuss how you can position yourself to be considered for these opportunities, and offer strategies for maximizing success in these roles. Attendees will leave emboldened to expand their horizons, develop cross-cultural competencies, and leverage international experiences to accelerate their careers. 

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 2:00 - 3:00 PM (Sheraton 5)
  • Speakers:
    • Carina Kaiser, Senior Director, Global Commercial Strategy and Operations, Immunology, Sanofi
    • Jennifer Negron, Executive Director, Corporate Services, and Tampa Capability Center Site Lead/Global Chair WE2, Amgen
    • (Moderator) Sarah Seager, Senior Director, Analytics and AI, IQVIA
  • Designed for: Leaders at all levels who are interested in pursuing global position and even those who might not have considered global positions but want to learn about the possibilities
  • Conference track: Gamechangers

During this session, seasoned career coaches will delve into the pivotal role self-advocacy plays in shaping your career trajectory. Through interactive discussions and real-life examples, you will learn actionable strategies for mastering self-advocacy, including recognizing and effectively articulating your unique value proposition, skillfully negotiating for equitable compensation, strategically vying for high impact projects and assignments, and cultivating influential networks.  You will leave inspired to navigate your professional journey with intention and confidence.  

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 2:00 - 3:00 PM (Sheraton 1 and 2)
  • Speakers: 
  • Designed for: Individual contributors and mid-level managers at any level who may find yourselves stuck in positions or with conditions that are not aligned with who you want to be and where you want to go.
  • Conference track: Visionaries

Through engaging discussions and practical insights, you will learn how thought leadership can elevate your personal brand, expand your influence, and drive meaningful impact. Personal branding experts will delve into strategies for crafting compelling content, leveraging speaking engagements to amplify your message, and effectively engaging with your audience through social media platforms. By embracing thought leadership as a means of showcasing expertise and inspiring change, you will leave equipped with tools and inspiration to elevate your leadership profile and make a lasting impact in their industry.   

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 2:00 - 3:00 PM (Sheraton 3)
  • Speakers:
  • Designed for: Leaders at all levels who want to elevate their visibility as thought leaders and competent leaders within the industry. It will offer strategies for those venturing into social media thought leadership for the first time, as well as to those who are already social media savvy.
  • Conference track: Influencers

Plenary Session

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry, it is crucial to explore the responsible development and deployment of AI systems while addressing the potential biases that may arise. This plenary session brings together a panel of experts from clinical research, medical technology, IT, and biotechnology to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with AI in healthcare. The session aims to frame recommendations for leadership practices that promote ethical and unbiased AI integration in healthcare settings. 

  • Wednesday, 8 November
  • Speakers: 
  • Designed for: Leaders interested in a practical discussion about considerations for incorporating AI into your daily practice and how to navigate the opportunities and limitations. 
  • Conference track: Gamechangers