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Jennifer Kenny

Jennifer Kenny is CEO and Co-Founder of 100% Capacity, a SaaS platform that builds market leading innovation capacity for companies such as Toyota, BlueScope, Wells Fargo and Woven. Jennifer is a serial entrepreneur who speaks and writes extensively on  the topic of building Innovation Capacity, with a specific focus on two of the big levers of innovation: technology and gender diversity. Her work is founded on Systems Thinking and Language Action Design/Human Centered Design. She has published numerous books, and her work has been featured by Stanford University in their Executive Briefing Program and publications such as Forbes Magazine, Women in Technology International, The San Francisco Business Times, and Industry Week Magazine.

Previously, Jennifer was the CIO of the Stanford Research Institute, where she led the transformation of their information technology organization into a driver of measurable business innovation. She has previously held leadership roles at WebEx, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Booz Allen and Accenture, and has also served in a number of international academic roles such as advisor to the President of Tanri Abeng University, Executive Center for Global Leadership, Jakarta, PMO lead at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, featured Entrepreneur at the University of Colorado Profiles in American Enterprise, and guest lecturer at the University of Santa Clara Leavey School of Business MBA program.

Her most recent book, "The Innovation Mindset," has achieved bestseller status across multiple categories, and was described by Dr. Wolfram Burgard (the globally renowned leader in robotics research at the University of Nuremberg) as providing a "uniquely valuable view into how to improve human collaboration in support of greater innovation."

After Jennifer's keynote session, all #HBAAC23 attendees will receive an exclusive preview copy of Jennifer’s upcoming book, "100% Capacity: The End of Gender Balance As We Know It." This book is scheduled to be published by PageTwo/Macmillan Press in February 2024. It covers the enormous opportunity gap that the current state of gender disparity costs our world, the explosive opportunity that exists if we can address it, and the steps we can take as leaders to initiate our journey to 100% Capacity. 

Jennifer has a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London; an B.SC. in Geology and Chemistry from University College, Dublin, and postgraduate qualifications from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is the past chair of the Global Women's Leadership Network, where she led the receipt of $2M grant funding by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and is a founding venture partner in How Women Invest.